Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start and log a successful Moment in the GoJUCE app?
(1) Simply tap one of the Moments in the Homescreen
(2) Android users can set their desired preferences related to the moment
(3) Lock your screen within 15 seconds after tapping a moment and catch up with your phone later.
(4) Commit to a screen-free session of at least 25 minutes and enjoy the moment. Once you unlock your phone, your session will be ended.
(5) Successful sessions of 25+ minutes will be logged in your personal insights

What are Unlabeled Moments?

We want you to be able to reflect on your time well spent away from your phone. When our application is active or in the background, we automatically log your pick-up intervals. Every screen-free streak of 25+ minutes will be added to your daily time well spent. Moments won’t be logged while you’re asleep.

How does the GoJUCE app interact with the JUCE Arena?

The mobile application is able to detect the Arena from the moment you enter the room. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled. Once you dock your phone in the Arena, your minutes docked will automatically registered as “In a Meeting” and available in your personal insights.

For Android, you can choose to automatically enable DoNotDisturb and send a custom auto-reply once docked. Tap the Meeting-moment on the home screen to set your preferences.

What is my Total JUCE Score?
This score represents all your meaningful minutes accumulated across all screen-free streaks of at least 25 minutes from the moment you started using the app. 1 minute equals 1 point.

Why do I need to give my phone a break for at least 25 minutes?
Our phone has become our nervous habit. The daily flood of mobile interruptions is consuming our valuable time and scattering our attention. It is time to create new habits and commit to more conscious mobile use. At JUCE we believe in setting a benchmark of at least 25 minutes without mobile interruptions. Let’s make time and spend it well.

Should I enable DoNotDisturb when starting a session?
With DoNotDisturb you can silence calls, alerts and notifications while your device is locked. In your settings you can allow calls from certain contacts.

We encourage you to enable DoNotDisturb whenever you commit to a moment. Mute the digital noise, make time for what matters and enjoy the moment without being disturbed.

• Android: by enabling the DoNotDisturb-function for any specific moment in the app, your phone will automatically activate this function whenever you start a manual sessions or dock your phone in the Arena.
• iOS: For now, you will have to enable DoNotDisturb manually by tapping the icon in the iOS control center.

Will I be available for emergencies when DoNotDisturb is on?
Whenever a persons calls you twice within 2 minutes, the second call will always come through. This way you are available for real emergencies. You can also allow “Favorites” to always reach you by going to Settings > Do Not Disturb > Allow Calls From > Choose “Favorites”.

Whats the difference between GoJUCE and screentime-tracking apps?
For JUCE it’s not about how much time you spend on your phone. It’s about creating meaningful moments in-between. We want to make users aware of the value and scarcity of your screen-free moments. Take back control of your time and attention, stretch your moments away from your phone and commit to more conscious mobile use.

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