Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I connect a JUCEmeeting device to my wireless network?

Connect to your JUCE⁺ ’s WiFi access point for initial configuration. Navigate to to initiate setup.

Scan for networks, select your local WiFi network from the list, and provide security details to connect your JUCE⁺ to your local Wifi network.


2. Why and how do I connect my JUCE⁺ meeting device to my enterprise calendar?

The meeting timer of the JUCE⁺ can be set automatically based on the meeting room’s scheduled events in your enterprise calendar.

This functionality requires an active internet connection, a connection between your JUCE⁺⁺ account and your enterprise calendar, and the allocation of a meeting resource/room to the JUCE⁺⁺ .

Enterprise calendars from various providers (Exchange, G Suite, iCal, Outlook) can be connected through JUCE⁺ its unified API. After logging into the back-office dashboard with your company’s credentials as provided by JUCE⁺⁺, your IT administrator can access the API through the “Connect Calendar Account” link. More details at


3. Why do I need to download the ‘JUCE⁺ Meetings’ mobile app?

The ‘JUCE⁺ Meetings’ app is required to enable ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode when in the vicinity of a JUCE⁺, and for tracking of meetings and JUCE⁺ usage.

The app is available for free for iOS and Android – search for ‘JUCE⁺ Meetings’.


4. Why do I need to turn on my location services for the ‘JUCE⁺ Meetings’ app to work?

Location services are required in order for the JUCE⁺ Meetings app to detect the Bluetooth Low Energy iBeacon in the JUCE⁺ meeting device.

It is a ‘location service’ as it senses distance from the specific beacon and requires always-on permission to automatically enable ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode when in the vicinity of a JUCE⁺. It does not utilize GPS-based positioning in order to protect user privacy.


5. What information do JUCE⁺ meeting devices and the ‘JUCE⁺ Meetings’ app receive & store?

The JUCE⁺ meeting device and the ‘JUCE⁺ Meetings’ app do not store any personal user data at any time.

The following anonymous data points are stored:

  • Events related to user proximity to the JUCE⁺ meeting device (anonymous via the app)
  • User app permissions (anonymous via the app)
  • JUCE⁺ meeting device configuration settings
  • Environmental sensor data (temperature, air quality, air humidity, air pressure)

6. How is data stored by JUCE⁺?

Both the app and meeting device are connected to Google Cloud Services. All data is stored on EU-based Google servers.


7. How do I delete my company or user data from JUCE⁺ its servers?

Any client or user can request permanent removal of all relevant data by emailing technical@goJUCE⁺.com.


8. How do I set the meeting timer on the JUCE⁺ meeting device?

The built-in timer in the top panel of the JUCE⁺ meeting device can be operated in 2 different ways:

  • Manually: use the built-in touch sensors to activate the timer and set the end time
  • Automatically: after connecting your Enterprise Calendar connect and configuring your devices, the meeting timer will be set automatically based on the scheduled events in the meeting resource’s calendar

All details can also be found at


9. What do the different colors on the JUCE⁺ device indicate?

The different colors of the status LED indicate the following:

  • White: The meeting timer is in ‘wake’ mode
  • Green: Remaining time until the end of the timer set > 10 min
  • Orange: Remaining time until the end of the timer set < 10 min
  • Red: Remaining time until the end of the timer set < 2 min

All details can also be found at


10. Why is my phone not charging?

The JUCE⁺ meeting device is outfitted with integrated Qi-wireless charging coils. Only Qi-compatible phones are able to charge wirelessly.

Compatible phones include, but are not limited to:

  • Apple iPhone: 8, 8 Plus, X
  • Samsung Galaxy: S9, S9, Note 5, Note 8, S8, S8, S7, S7 Active S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge
  • LG: V30, G6 (US version only), G4 (optional), G3 (optional)
  • Microsoft Lumia: 1520, 1020, 930, 929, 928, 920
  • Google Nexus: 4, 5, 6, 7 (2013)
  • BlackBerry: Priv, Z30
  • Motorola: Droid Maxx, Droid Mini, Droid Turbo, Droid Turbo 2, Moto X Force
  • Nokia Lumia: 735, 830,920,928,929 / Icon,930,1520
  • Asus Padfone S

In case you have a Qi-compatible smartphone and it is not charging, please check the following:

  • Any metallic surfaces on the back of the phone will prevent wireless charging. Please remove it in order to charge wirelessly
  • Check if any specific settings in your phone are limiting wireless charging


11. Why is my phone not automatically going to / prompting me to go to ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode?

You will need to download the ‘JUCE⁺ Meetings’ app and grant the required app permissions to enable the automatic ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature.

The ‘About’ section of the app includes a ‘Troubleshooting’ checklist if problems persist.


12. How does the ‘JUCE⁺ Meetings’ app limit battery consumption?

The ‘JUCE⁺ Meetings’ app was optimized to limit battery drain by not continuously scanning for Bluetooth Low Energy beacons in JUCE⁺ hardware.


13. How does the JUCE⁺ meeting device know how many people are present in a meeting room?

Number of attendees is based on proximity events are generated by phones that have the ‘JUCE⁺ Meetings’ app installed when they come in vicinity of the JUCE⁺ meeting device, or when a smartphone is charging via the Qi-coils placed beneath the charging slots.

Please note that this is no guarantee of the actual number of attendees since we are dependent on the number of smartphone devices present that have the app installed.


14. How are firmware updates managed?
Once a meeting device has been configured, firmware updates are managed by the JUCE⁺ back-office platform and pushed over the air. Enterprise calendar connection is not required.