JUCE⁺ joins imec.istart and ups the ante towards effective meetings

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After launching their JUCE Arena last spring, Antwerp tech start-up JUCE is ready for the next step. As one of the start-ups participating in the imec.istart programme, JUCE will receive additional funding as well as grade-A coaching to develop their product line and expand their business.

Apart from being a trusted R&D partner for various companies as well as the academic world, imec also runs its very own business acceleration programme. Last year, the imec.istart programme was ranked the best university-linked incubator in Europe, and fourth in the global ranking by UBI Global. Imec.istart looks for the most promising business ideas and helps them develop into sustainable ventures. This year, JUCE is among the laureates.


“Not only does the JUCE Arena respond to a pressing need of our
time—it also has an exceptionally beautiful design”


Bump with Imec.Istart team

According to Sven De Cleyn, head of the imec.istart programme, JUCE convinced the jury on multiple levels. “First of all, their idea answers to a pressing need of our time, that is less digital noise and more focus. Second, the JUCE Arena looks exceptionally beautiful.” And the jury didn’t just judge the book by its cover. De Cleyn adds that the JUCE founders have done their homework and that the JUCE Arena—their first product—is just the tip of the iceberg, hinting at the Antwerp start-up’s potential.

Thanks to a partnership with imec.istart, JUCE will be privy to a combination of seed funding, professional coaching and mentoring, as well as access to technology, facilities, and a broad network of partners and investors. With this support, JUCE aspires to further develop their product range and applications, making focused and distraction-free meetings a reality instead of a utopia.

About JUCE

Antwerp start-up JUCE is the brainchild of Matthias Vanhoutteghem and Julien Yee. Last spring, they launched the JUCE Arena as a result of their cooperation with the Dutch design studio Van Berlo. This innovative docking station is designed to bring back focused and engaged meetings in the ‘age of distraction’. Smartphones go automatically in ‘DoNotDisturb’ and charge wirelessly, while people focus on the topic and each other. Phones on mute, conversations recharged.
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