We’re off to Lisbon for Web Summit!

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This week we’re joining the crowd at Web Summit 2019. From November 4th to November 7th, the tech world gathers in Lisbon for what is considered the world’s largest and most important tech conference. Throughout this 4-day event, Web Summit brings together Fortune 500 companies, groundbreaking startups and world-class speakers that redefine and inspire the global tech industry.

Every year, Web Summit puts early-stage startups in the spotlight through the ALPHA startup programme. By applying, you get the chance to meet the world’s most influential companies, investors and media – our chance to stand out among the +70.000 attendees and present our product for the first time to the big public. Talking about exposure! 

And so JUCE⁺ applied. After submitting our application, we got accepted by a specialist startup team and set our main goals for the event: getting selected to go on stage for the startup battle PITCH, Start-up Showcase and Machine Demo. In the weeks following the acceptance, we were challenged by a jury and asked to submit several introduction and demo videos. Long story short: we are proud to announce we got accepted for all three of them! 

So, this is how our adventure at Web Summit will look like: 

5/11 – Exhibition Day
Visit our booth, get to know the team and learn all details about our product. 

5/11 – PITCH
Catch us live on stage as we battle for a final spot on the mainstage!

6/11 – Startup Showcase
On this brand-new Web Summit stage, we will give a 2min quick-fire presentation to win over the audience vote.

7/11 – Machine Demo
Sit back and experience the product during our live demo on stage, followed by Q&A.

We can’t wait to kick things off and share our insights later on. Thumbs up and fingers crossed we make it to the finals! 

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